Chris Mehochko

Regional Superintendent of Schools

Being a lifelong resident of Grundy and Kendall Counties, I am proud to serve the communities I grew up in and currently, live in.

While my family is no longer in the farming community, my 45 years in that industry shaped who I am today.  Working with people to solve problems and helping in times of need has led me to proudly serve my fellow taxpayers of Grundy and Kendall counties for the past 14 years.

I graduated from Illinois State University in 1993 and began my teaching/coaching career at Center Elementary School and Shabbona Middle School in Morris.  While teaching and coaching, I pursued my Masters Of Science Degree from Illinois State University and graduated with an Administrative License in 1998.  I accepted my first administrative position in Marseilles as Assistant Principal.  I then had the wonderful opportunity to return to District 54 in Morris to serve on the administrative team that opened White Oak Elementary (now known as Morris Grade School).  While serving as Assistant Principal at White Oak Elementary, I attended Northern Illinois University and earned an Education Specialist Degree with a Superintendent License.  In the Fall of 2004, I became Superintendent of Nettle Creek Elementary School.  After serving as District Superintendent for three years, I accepted the position of Assistant Regional Superintendent of Schools in July 2007.  I was appointed by the Republican Party in March of 2013 to complete the term vacated by my predecessor’s retirement.  I was elected to the position in the fall of 2014, re-elected in the fall of 2018, and currently seeking re-election in the fall of 2022.  I have enjoyed working with our constituents, school districts, local agencies, and county boards to expand the services the ROE provides.

I am a single parent of four children (a senior at Yorkville High School, a junior at Yorkville Christian High School, a sophomore at Yorkville High School, and a seventh-grader at Yorkville Middle School) and a 110 pound Pyrenees/Shepherd named Marshmellow.



Premier Academy – Grundy Kendall Regional Office of Education
Vice President – The Professional Development Alliance
Vice-Chairman – Vista Learning
Board of Director – The Juvenile Justice Council
Board Member – The River Valley Workforce Investment Board
Executive Member – The Kiwanis Club of Yorkville, IL
Illinois Association of Regional Superintendent’s of Schools
CASA of Kendall County
Kendall County Outdoor Education Center


  • Currently working with the Kendall County Board on the implementation of the 2-1-1 call center.
  • Currently working with Parkview Christian Academy in Yorkville, Cross Lutheran School in Yorkville, St. Mary’s School in Plano, and Immaculate Conception School in Morris with Emergency Assistance Non-Public Schools (EANS) Federal Grant Money dedicated to Private Schools.
  • Currently working with the Kendall County Board to secure a building for the future expansion of our alternative school program known as Premier Academy.
  • Worked with The United Way of Grundy County, Grundy County Board, and the school districts of Grundy County on the implementation of the 2-1-1 call center.
  • Expanded Truancy Services from a part-time truancy officer in Grundy to one full-time truancy officer.
  • Expanded Truancy Services from one full-time truancy officer in Kendall to one full-time and one part-time truancy officer.
  • Have been under budget every fiscal year since becoming Regional Superintendent in March of 2013.
  • Added a Pearson Vue Testing Center to the Yorkville Office.
  • Added a Parapro Testing Center to the Morris Office.
  • Administered three vaccination clinics at Morris High School using a team of volunteers from various agencies across Grundy County.  This effort included securing supplies and required training from the Grundy County Health Department.  In total, the team of volunteers was able to administer 884 doses.


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What is the role of Regional Superintendent of Schools?2022-02-04T15:29:21-06:00

The answer to that question can be viewed at the following link:

What does the Regional Office of Education do?2022-02-09T16:21:32-06:00

The Regional Office of Education is an office that works in the background to serve the school districts and communities in our counties.  While the list of services below is not a complete list, it will provide you with a general scope of our work.

  • Teacher Licensure
  • Fingerprint background checks for all school personnel
  • Bus Driver Training
  • Regional Safe School Program (an alternative to suspension/expulsion school)
  • Truancy
  • Homeless Assistance
  • Workforce Investment Opportunities Act Grant
  • ParaPro Testing Service
  • Professional Development Services for Teachers, Administrators, and ParaPros
  • Kendall County Outdoor Education Center
  • Pearson Vue Testing Center (GED and High School Equivalency Test)
  • Work permits for minors
  • Annual Health Life Safety Inspections of all public school buildings
  • School Building Permits and Occupancy Permits
  • School District Compliance
  • Detachment/Annexation Hearings through the Regional Board of School Trustees
Can a Regional Superintendent of Schools remove locally elected school board members?2022-02-04T15:36:38-06:00

Illinois School Code (ILCS 5/3-15.5) states a regional superintendent of schools may remove a school board member from office for willful failure to perform official duties.  A regional superintendent may not remove a school board member for any other cause.

Practically speaking, willful failure to perform duties means the board member fails to attend board meetings on a regular basis.  Willful failure to perform duties does not mean the board member can be removed because they did not vote in a manner liking to the regional superintendent of schools.

It is common for board members to resign due to many personal and professional reasons.  As a regional superintendent, I have been directly involved in the resignation of two board members.  One was a conflict of interest situation.  The other was a refusal to resign even though the member was no longer a resident of the school district.

Does the Regional Office of Education have final approval on school district budgets?2022-02-04T15:54:56-06:00

No.  School districts are not required to submit budgets to the Regional Office of Education.  School districts submit budgets directly to Illinois State Board of Education.  Below is a school district budget timeline.

A School District Board of Education must post a tentative budget for inspection 30 days prior to the budget hearing.  The school board must hold at least one budget hearing prior to adopting the budget.  The budget must be adopted on or before September 30.  School districts are required to file the adopted budget with the county clerk within 30 days of adoption.  School districts are then required to send the adopted budget electronically to Illinois State Board of Education within 30 days of adoption or no later than October 31.

What are Health Life Safety Inspections?2022-02-23T15:25:16-06:00

The Regional Office of Education is the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) when it comes to school buildings.  The office conducts a health life inspection of each school building annually.  We conduct these inspections in partnership with the inspectors from our local fire departments.  For those local fire departments that do not have an inspector on staff, we partner with an inspector from the State Fire Marshal’s Office.  There are 68 school buildings in the Grundy Kendall Regional Office of Education jurisdiction.  This number does not include transportation facilities, press boxes, maintenance garages, and storage buildings.

What is the Professional Training and Testing Center?2022-03-22T09:18:22-06:00
In 2014, I created and opened the Professional Training and Testing Center in the Yorkville Office.
This decision was in response to Pearson VUE moving the GED testing system from paper/pencil to electronic. The Grundy Kendall Regional Office of Education Testing Center generates revenue which have been used to expand services.
Expansion of services includes Training Opportunities through our Kendall Youth Employment Program, Homeless Services and ParaPro Testing. An additional service provided is a partnership with Kendall County Sheriffs Office and Waubonsee Comunity College to provide HiSet Tests for inmates to assist them in their rehabilitation process.
I am excited about the success of this endeavor and the economic impact on our communities as these testers buy gas from our gas stations, dine at our restaurants, and shop at our stores. I look forward to continuing to build on the success of the training and testing center.
What is the Grundy County Child Advocacy Board?2022-04-08T14:42:20-06:00

According to the Grundy County Child Advocacy Center Multidisciplinary Protocol, “The Grundy Child Advocacy Center is a government-based department within the Grundy County State’s Attorney Office.  The CAC functions to provide services for children and non-offending caregivers who have been abused and meet other protocol designations.  Our services are victim-centered and trauma-informed.  To that end, we provide a safe place for families and children that is convenient, comfortable, private, and accessible.”  The Grundy County Child Advocacy Center Board is a group of volunteers comprising of representatives from the Grundy County State’s Attorney Office, the Grundy County Health Department, Morris Hospital, Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Channahon Police Department, Minooka Police Department, Morris Police Department, Coal City Police Department, Dwight Police Department, the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department and the Regional Office of Education.  It is an amazing group of people that serve our communities every day.  I am honored to serve alongside them and to provide a connection to the education world.


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